Welcome to PG Customs

Complete sheet metal bodies fabricated to factory specification.
Our business is to provide up to a complete sheet metal body with factory specification including original factory style welds and customizable bodies for our clients build needs.  We offer a standard body along with original specification bodies for 65-68.  Additional offerings include a 69-70 spec body, custom built spec bodies and plans for the most popular classics.

Our custom bodies offers our client’s to order bodies to the needs of our clients builds; eliminating additional cost and structure change risk.  All of our bodies are built in North Texas, USA and to the highest level of quality available.  We use a proprietary Jig and Lift combination that allows our professional builders to maximize efficiency, quality and accurate specifications to each build.


1965 – 1966 Bodies
Our 65-66 bodies include a convertible and fastback in both standard and factory correct bodies.  We also offer nothing but the best custom classic bodies for those who want an authentic recreation.
1969 – 1970 Bodies
We offer our 67-68 bodies in a fastback or convertible and the first to offer a factory correct body in both a small block and big block.  We will soon offer other selections of factory correct bodies.
1965 – 1966 Bodies
We are the first to offer a 69-70 custom built body shell.  Our shell is just as it would come from the factory with all the correct features.  We also offer standard bodies in a fastback or convertible.  We will soon offer an even greater selection of classic vehicle bodies.

We offer bodies built to our clients needs.  Let us know your objective and we can build a body that allows you to get started right away with your build and not worry about the metal work.  We can ship our bodies with a mini tub to additional custom support for larger horse power and torque.  We are currently working on a pro-touring package that comes standard with a 2″ mini tub and ready for the Coyote 5.0 engine.


Already have a body that can be saved? with our resurrection team, we can take your body and put it on one of our jig systems and build off the original body that is usable. We use the highest quality parts available on the market and can build your current body back to original specifications or go custom.


Yes we are a body build company, but we also offer premium parts built using the highest grade materials available.