The PG Customs Body Showroom

Our business is to provide up to a complete sheet metal body with factory specification including original factory style welds and customizable bodies for our clients build needs. We offer a standard body along with original specification bodies for 65-68. Additional offerings include a 69-70 spec body, additional popular spec bodies and plans for even more custom bodies. Our custom bodies offers our client’s to order bodies to the needs of our clients builds; eliminating additional cost and structure change risk.

All of our bodies are built in North Texas, USA and to the highest level of quality available. We use a proprietary Jig and Lift combination that allows our professional builders to maximize efficiency, quality and accurate specifications to each build.

1969 – 1970 Bodies

We are the first to offer a very specific 69-70 classic muscle car body shell. Our shell is as from the factory with all the correct features. We also offer other standard bodies in a fastback or convertible. We will soon offer even more so stay tuned!

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